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Flat Roofing

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Flat roofing is one type of external cover used in buildings and even homes. This type of roofing is more horizontal, rather than the average sloped roof. This type of roofing allows you to maximize room in your house. That’s because you’ll be able to utilize room below and on top the roof to the fullest. Having this type of roof is perfect if you like to hold recreational activities outside. Flat roofs can be gardens, sun decks, or even mini sport arenas. The possibilities are endless!

Another advantage to flat roofing is that you can easily improve it later on, especially if you plan to eventually have solar panels on your roof. One must always look to the future, after all. The materials used in flat roofing are designed to permit water to go off the sides. This means that even if your roof is flat, you will have no problems with flooding. A durable waterproofing layer is applied on flat roofs. And if you plan to use your flat roof as a garden, applying water-proof material is even more important to avoid root ingress.

Flat roofing costs fluctuate greatly. But essentially, the material used as covering, the waterproofing system, and the span and form of the roof itself all decide how much the roof itself will actually cost. Aside from the material and how big it is, the contractor might also factor in how hard it is to install the thing. Besides, some material prices fluctuate even further based on the price of oil. For a typical 1,000-square foot home, flat roofs may cost around $7,500. Remember, this figure doesn’t include removing your old roof.

When choosing a contractor for your installation, try to find one that guarantees a lifetime warranty. Remember, the best idea is to always find a contractor with good referrals. A good flat roof should not require you to fix it in a few years. A good roofing membrane should do the job to fight off the elements and keep your roof good for up to a decade.