4 Choices for Roofing Materials:

1. Asphalt Shingles: These are the most common roofs seen in America today. They are cheap, durable, and long lasting. They are the “safe-bet” when it comes to installing new roofing. The drawbacks of asphalt shingles is that they lack variety, and mostly everyone has the same thing. Of course you could get creative and use architectural shingles, but they are more expensive than the basic kind.

2. Slate: This is a very expensive and a very good looking material to use for your roof. It is not affected by hail or snow, looks great, glimmers during the summertime, and is a mark of beauty. Yet, the price for this material is often steep, and installation even steeper. It might not be the best roofing for a basic housing, so consider your budge. Even if it looks pretty, its not a good idea to break the bank just to get it.

3. Ceramic: Ceramic Roofing can be found by seaside homes. It’s a very heavy material and very difficult to install. Its not as expensive as slate, but only the most experienced workman can install it. It’s also somewhat of a rarity in America, but looks great nevertheless. More popular throughout southern Europe, this material can add that European flair to your house to make it seem truly exquisite.

4. Metal: Metal roofing are cheap, durable, and easy to install. They’re somewhat ugly, but for the purpose of it use, its very effective. Its also fire proof, so useful to an area that is prone to fires. The drawback of this roof is that is indeed ugly, and even so it is easy to install, it has to be carefully installed. If not properly installed, it may and entrance to leaking, which would lead to moss and rotting.

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