Clean Your Gutters and Keep Your Gutters Guarding Your Home – part.1

Gutters can quickly become inefficient and unsightly if they are not maintained during season changes. Failing gutters can lead to a failing foundation and a soggy home. It’s not difficult to clean your gutters – but unless you have a spiraling staircase surrounding your house or live in a house the size of a hobbit, you will have to work from a ladder or scaffolding. If you are not able to work safely from a ladder and don’t have access to scaffolding, you can call a professional commercial cleaning services to do the job, or find a local teenager or college student who’s not afraid to do some wet dirty work a few feet up in the air. But for the sake of your home, find a way to get your gutter maintenance done.


Exterior gutters are installed to collect rainwater and divert it away from your house. It sounds like a simple, small job – but it’s a job with big importance. By keeping your house protected from heavy little streams of flowing water, gutters protect your siding from staining, your house from moisture problems, and your foundation from losing its stability.

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