Clean Your Gutters and Keep Your Gutters Guarding Your Home – part.2

Part I

To clean your gutters, a gloved hand, a putty knife or garden shovel, a bucket, and a garden hose will do. (Along with a ladder or scaffolding.) Find a spot near a downspout to start in. Climb up to your gutters bringing those “tools” with you. Putting the tools in the bucket and latching the bucket onto your side will make things easier. (Good luck balancing.) Using your hand and putty knife or shovel, pick up and scrape up all the leaves, twigs, pinecones and other leftovers from mother nature, and get the gunk in your bucket and out of your gutters. Then flush out the pipes with your garden hose until the water runs free and clear.

If the gutter’s downspouts get too congested with debris, position the hose directly into the downspout and turn it on full force to let the pressure of the hose water remove the clog. If that still doesn’t work, you use a “snake” or plumber’s auger to weed out the debris. (They’re inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store and even your local Walmart. For more info you can call Chicago Janitorial Companies)


If you want to prevent future gutter clogging, take the time to cover your gutter with a protective screen, or buy a leaf guard at your local hardware store. If you can’t cover the whole system, put a small ball of screen on top of the water entranceway of each downspout, and that will at least keep the downspouts from getting clogged. Your gutters won’t be maintenance free, but the the water will run free longer.

Cleaning your gutters doesn’t take any carpentry skills, but it does take some physical aptitude. If you can’t do the job yourself, it’s worth paying someone else to do it for you. Don’t let the changing seasons wear down your home. Clean your gutters and let your gutters keep guarding your home.

Provided by EK Commercial Cleaning Service Chicago

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