Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Nowadays there seems to be an uninformed consensus amongst homeowners about metal roofing. They find it ugly, ineffective, an expensive. The problem is that is an outdated belief, with the new age dawning upon us. Nowadays metal roofs can come in exotic and flashy colors, are very affordable, and can last generations if properly maintained and cared for.

The panels of metal roofing are made with structural grade steel. There are several layers of this steel, and it is coated with aluminum-zinc alloy to help protect against corrosion of the steel. Then there is a panel underneath the first layer of steel. This serves as the base panel, and is coated with acrylic priming and serves to enhance the adhesive properties of the roof. It also helps protect against the elements, creating an anti-moisture, and anti-sunlight layer to battle damage and overheating of the house. Somewhat like the traditional “cool paint” of regular shingles, metal roofing adds various chemicals to battle the effects of UV-rays.

To help finish off the product, ceramic coated stone granules are added to the product. This adds another layer of protection against the weather, and adds to the viewing pleasure of the roof. These granules come in several colors, and help fight the stigma of “ugly” associated with metal roofing. The metal roof panels are then glazed for the finishing touch, and your panels are completed. All in all the product, to most eyes, seems very acceptable, and to some even beautiful. Yet again, everyone has their own taste, but most people can agree on that the metal roofs of today are far more agreeable to the eye than the cold, inexpressive metal roofs of our forefathers.

Steel coated roofs are also a great bet against the damaging effects of the elements. They seem to outperform all other types of roofing against wind, heavy rain, fire, blizzards, freezing, earthquakes, and especially hail. If you want a peace of mind on the strength of your roofing, you got no better bet than steel roofing.

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