Roof Cleaning Business

Often times the best ideas come from the most menial tasks or simple moments. After all, Isaac Newton established the theory of physics as we know it today by simply observing falling apples. And you might have found your route to a prosperous life by creating a roof cleaning business.

Due to expert opinion, roof cleaning and repair is expected to grow nearly 9% in the next decade. As less and less new houses are being built, more old houses are being taken care of and repaired. People are starting to pay attention more to what they have, than what they plan to have in the future. And this is a great opportunity in taking advantage of that.

Many people, for one reason or another, do not wish to or won’t clean their roof. Its fairly easy, cheap, and quick, but the negative connotation associated with working on a roof and the dangers that come with it (especially when you’re washing it with slippery soap) scare most people off. This is where you can come in. With some money down for supplies and advertising, you could start your business today.




You could either keep the business on the side, or when you get enough customers take it full time. Roof cleaning will be needed in all economies, and even more in the changing culture of America. A brand new business idea that could be taken advantage of in this “lazy” society, the opening to make millions in roof cleaning is here. After all, if a maid service could reach the billion dollar mark, why can’t a roof cleaning business reach several million? With hard work and perseverance, you might be on your path to economic independence and prosperity. But, before you go get a loan out of a bank, try it out on your own roof first. Make sure you like it, and most importantly, that you can do it. Read up on some books on starting a business, look for a low interest rate, and then if you feel like you’re on to something, go for it! You life only one life, what are you waiting for?

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